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2011A study of the optical properties of semi-organic crystals doped with erbiumArtículoJUDITH PARRA BERUMEN18-Jan-2018
2011Synthesis and characterization of functionalized carbon nanotubes employing cobalt nitrate and acetone by using spray pyrolysis deposition techniqueArtículoMIGUEL AVALOS BORJA; ANTONINO PEREZ HERNANDEZ; JOSE ALBERTO DUARTE MOLLER; ERASMO ORRANTIA BORUNDA19-Jan-2018
2011Marcuse´s power loss model tested for optical fiber coils of small radius.ArtículoJOSE ALBERTO DUARTE MOLLER19-Jan-2018
Oct-2011Effect of an electric field within microscopy focused ion beam (FIB) between manipulator sharp and the ion trap of the electron detectorArtículoJOSE ALBERTO DUARTE MOLLER18-Jan-2018
2011Mechanical Study on Al-based Composites Synthesized by Mechanical Milling and Hot ExtrusionArtículoIVANOVICH ESTRADA GUEL; CALEB CARREÑO GALLARDO; ROBERTO MARTINEZ SANCHEZ-
2011Electrical, structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionArtículoJOSE ALBERTO DUARTE MOLLER; ERASMO ORRANTIA BORUNDA18-Jan-2018
2011A study and modeling of non-cumulative attenuation in coiled optical fiber with small radii of curvatureArtículoJOSE ALBERTO DUARTE MOLLER; ANTONINO PEREZ HERNANDEZ19-Jan-2018
28-Feb-2011Estudio Microestructural de Concretos Sustentables aplicando Técnicas AvanzadasTesis de doctoradoSUSANA PAOLA ARREDONDO REA14-Sep-2017
May-2011Cinética de la solvotermólisis del dibencil-éter en metanol supercríticoTesis de maestríaNalleli Herrera Pineda2-Oct-2017
18-Jul-2011Physico-chemical properties of Alanine-Sodium nitrate: An optical overviewArtículoESPERANZA GALLEGOS LOYA18-Jan-2018